The Gas Prices the next muzzle on American Citizens

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen what’s been going on since the Pedotus in Chief aka Mr. Biden took over, we’ve seen the left get every single thing that they’ve wanted. 

Sadly, this has all been since the last midterms, honestly, we did not back up Trump enough. That’s why Trump was not able to get everything he needed to get done in his last two years! 

The Midterm Loss of 2018, enabled the left to be able to set up the scheme of a stolen electionwith support of social media to cover it upand news media to continuously brainwash people into thinking that somehow, we on the right are making up conspiracy theories, even though the hard evidence has been there. 

Meanwhile, they all attack people who have tried to defend Donald Trump over and over and over again. Their goal is to squash us, to keep us down, and to shut us up, and ultimately cancel us.  

While January 6th did have some extreme moments, it was actually “mostly peaceful” considering the hundreds of thousands in attendance. One must remember what happened in DC all year long that led up to Jan 6thThe events all year were quickly ignored and downplayed by the same media and government that suddenly woke up when “Republicans” got a bit out of hand. Meanwhile, those “peaceful protestors” of the left set fire to DC, they killed people, beat people, took over government buildings, and destroyed property, and not once did any of those people seriously get in trouble. 

There was clearly a double standard, though as much as we have spent a long time calling this out, my question is why did the more extreme protestors on Jan 6th think they would not get in trouble? What did those people really expect would happen on January 6thThey should have known it was nothing but a trap set by the left, and that the double standard has always existed. Sadly, we have seen many that were there on Jan 6th get in trouble. With that, we must all learn from past mistakes and look towards the future. 

The future looks bleak as Biden’s reign of blunder just starting, as inflation is going up, all Americans both left and right will all suffer. There recently was a video where a trucker described the timber shortage, which is not really a timber shortage at allAs described by this trucker he and other truckers have seen the truth, piles and piles of available timber intentionally made short to artificially jack up prices. This reminds me of an individual that I spoke to who worked at a particular big box store that was one of the main reasons why there was a toilet paper shortage last year, as I was informed that these stores all had pallets and pallets of toilet paper but were only allowed to put out a few boxes a day, suggesting that there was NEVER a shortage. 

Citizen Journalism and the questioning of just what is really going on comes from WE THE PEOPLE, who are on the ground and have first-hand knowledge. No longer can we depend on the media to tell us what’s really going on 

There are only a few people out there that are willing to tell us the truth, and those that do the left attack. We must render our support to those that are willing to take those chances.  

Now we all see that gas prices have soared. In North Carolina, I have seen since the election the gas prices soar up and up. At the minute of this article, the price is $2.79 a gallon, while friends in California are reporting almost $5 dollars a gallon. This price is also artificial, when I attended a Trump Pride event before the election Richard Grenell told us how then the gas companies were pushing for Donald Trump to raise gas prices. Trump’s response “No, I see cheap gas for my American People” With this knowledge we now must look at the hike in prices and understand who is behind it, Mr. Biden. This is all a ploy, to keep us at home, they do not want people to travel, they do not want people to congregate, they want us to remain fearful and controlled.  

This fear imposed by the left is used to spread never-ending fear of the coronavirus. Yet while the restrictions are opening businesses up, the leftists who are supposed to be “progressives” do not want us to be able to move on and they don’t want us to be able to live. We have now spent over two years now dealing with this mess while making us wear masks everywhere to control ourselves. While claiming they believe in “science” the left ignores that these masks do more harm than good and they are ineffective.  

Meanwhile, the government throws checks at us, as good as these checks are great for citizens, I can admit they have helped myself and my parents and others but we only need them due to the decisions of our country and their shutdown of our way of life. Essentially for a very long time, we have not been granted our Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness due to the fear of a man-made virus created as a means to an end. 

The government is using this, “never let a good crisis go unused.” While the left is using this to get every single little pet project that they want, even Fox News recently put out a report confirming that little pet projects are being carried out by the windfall of this ongoing “Plandemic.” 

The Real tragedy is that the Government can pass these trillion-dollar bills, but yet we only get $1000-$2000 bucks out of the dealYes, there’s a lot of us, but if you do the calculations, we’re getting a small fraction of that “American citizen support bill.” In reality, we’re not benefiting at all from this, we are just getting into more and more debt which leads to more and more dependency on the Government. That’s just what they want. 

Then again. what is really debt anyway? Look at it this way cryptocurrency has shown us all that nothing has to back up whatever currency we are all willing to use. Currency doesn’t need gold, it doesn’t need silver, it doesn’t need anything. It’s the good faith that people put behind it that’s only needed and as long as people are buying and selling and as long as somebody accepts it, cryptocurrency will keep doing well. This makes it one of the most dangerous threats to the swamp and mark my words, they will be going after cryptocurrency. The governments of the world will not stand for the growth to continue, yet then again, maybe they do like it because it’s a great way to funnel money instead of funneling it through places like GoFundMe. Do you really believe that some crowdsourcing campaigns raise so much in such a quick time is a coincidence  

So, what do we do for the future you may ask? We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Prepare for disaster, become a prepper, make sure you can depend on yourself and not the government if things go sour. At the same time, we cannot just sit and wait for the destruction of what we hold dear, we have to fight. We have to make our voices known, and we need to understand how important this midterm of 2022 is more important than other elections before. Yes, I know they say this every time this election is more important than any other election, but honestly, at this moment it is. 

If you’re a Trump supporter, you must understand that if you want Trump to run in 2024, and you expect Trump to run in 2024 we must improve Republican Representation in our Government. I would NOT expect Trump to run if we don’t have the House and/or the Senate back! If we don’t fight for that path for Trump, how can we expect any change in America to happen? 

So, we have to fight for Trump. Now, there are those of you who are against Trump because of the reason “Trump didn’t do everything he promised” you need to rethink your stance. Trump is only one man, he is a leader, he is NOT the whole team. History indicates that Trump did GREAT in the first two years of his term, that is until all was lost after the midterm of 2018. That is when Trump had the left hit him with Russiagate, Ukrainegatetwo impeachmentsthe back and forth on trying to defund his wall and the opposition that held back Trump from his full potential. 

The bottom line is Trump did everything he couldTrump even contracted Covid-19 and survived.  

Let’s talk about Covid-19 for a moment, for one where is the flu? Personally, my belief is that this “coronavirus” is just another deadlier strain of the flu, just like the swine flu, the “Wuhan Flu.” The powers working against us all just decided to rebrand the flu with a new name, a common name that no one understands yet which is common. Using scare tactics to take away our rights while using the media they own, the media they control, to control the narrative, and to control us, and they haveThis is how we got to the high gas prices, this is how they restrict us, this is another way to control us to give us the taste of freedom by opening things up but making it expensive for most of us to travel.  

What should our response be? What are we going to do? 

We have to take back our country and not by going and attacking the capital, that just doesn’t work, though I understand the point of view of those who were involved. Those events did not serve us well, in fact, they set us back and it was just what the left needed to keep the right down, to control us more, and to put us in “check.” We have to recover; we have to take back our lives. That means we have to double down and we have to join our local GOP’s and participate. We have to keep the rallies going, we have to support grassroots, and if Liz Cheney has shown us, we have to fight against and reject the swamp within our own party.  

Remember, we are targeted, it is time to go on the offense, to come prepared for what the left will throw at us. Ithat means we have to use our face masks to cover ourselves so we don’t get canceled, recognized, and risk losing our jobs and becoming doxed we have to take precautions. The lefts’ true goal is to call everyone else everything that they are in reality, they call us fascists, they call us racists when in reality they are everything, they claim to hate. They do not believe in the Constitution and our Republic and they obviously do not care if our 1st or 2nd are protected or even granted. Recognize this, the Right is the defender of the Constitution. To protect our most sacred document that formed this country and many Patriots died protecting we must defend our rights and take back this country from those that wish to destroy it. 

We need to GRight, that’s why I created the #GoRight campaignLet’s GRight, DRightand BRight! Go Right isn’t even about being a Republican it is all about Conserving our Great Nation for the Future. You have to step up and defend our nation because the only way we’re going to make America great and make it greater is with unity on the Right. Diversification in our party is needed, as our political climate changes. As people are coming out of the closet now, saying daily “what the hell is wrong with Biden?” or stating “I wish I never voted for Biden” more people that used to be a part of the left are vulnerable now to see the truth. Whave received so many #WalkAways and it is time we grow that number and retain the ones we already earned. We cannot allow a few bigots, and extreme hard-right conservatives, to restrict “nontraditional” individuals from joining our ranks. That’s not helping us. 

Our Party is Transforming, we already did in the time of the Tea Party, and we are doing so in the Time of Trump, though we must recognize that many factions of the right have many different meanings on just what being a “Conservative” means. One could make a great nationwide debate panel on just that topic but while we distract ourselves with this the left will only grow.  

All that matters is that we ALL fight against extremism. 

Are you willing to join the cause?  

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