Florida School District Now Requires Teachers To Out LGBTQ Students Because Of Dont Say Gay Policies

Written by on August 17, 2022

Florida School District Now Requires Teachers To Out LGBTQ Students Because Of Dont Say Gay Policies

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Florida School District Now Requires Teachers To Out LGBTQ Students Because Of Dont Say Gay Policies



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Well to those that doubted the bills signed by Desantis really were a “Don’t say Gay Bill” we are seeing the repercussions of these unconstitutional laws. Full disclosure the bill doesn’t technically mention heterosexual or homosexual but note the underlining of heterosexual norm culture being ok to teach or have in school compared to homosexual is an unspoken policy. We are now seeing as these bills are being practiced in policy.


There has been a considerable uptick in the amount of safe sex parents children being told they are not welcome in school and expelled or asked to leave. Many LGBT teachers are being told not to disclose who they are in school and being asked to remove anything including pictures with their same sex loved ones in contrast to straight teachers not being asked to.


Now we learn that the Sarasota County School district adopted a new policy in the wake of the Don’t Say Gay law that requires teachers to out students to their parents if they identify as LGBTQ and to seek parental permission to refer to transgender students with the correct name or pronouns.


School board member Bridget Ziegler, who supports the policy change, compared outing LGBTQ kids to informing parents that their child has been suspended.


Foreman said that she doesn’t want to have to out students at all to their parents because of potential child abuse and suicide.


“And then we get a call that the kid’s committed suicide, that kid’s in the hospital because the parent beat the snot out of them. I don’t want to come home every night and know that I may have contributed to one of my students being harmed.”


Derek Reich teaches history at Sarasota High School and said that the district told him he’s not even allowed to call students by nicknames without parental permission.


“This last week, our school district told us that look, Jonathan, whose government name is Jonathan, if you want to call him anything else – like his friends call him John, his parents call him John. If you want to call him by his nickname, John, you have to get a permission slip for him to call any student that wants to be called by something other than their official name on their birth certificate,” he said.


The law has been criticized for being vague – instead of defining those terms, it simply allows parents to sue school districts if they feel that the law has been violated.

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