Are You Willing To Go Right and Work For Change and To Conserve our Great America

Written by on April 21, 2021


Are You Willing To Go Right and Work For Change and To Conserve our Great America


It’s funny how Republicans will gripe and say that lefties are lazy and you know they just sit around and collect checks when in reality leftists are on the news constantly, constantly fighting, protesting, destroying stuff, and raising hell to get their way. 

And like it’s been said, 100% of what they put in might not be accomplished, but if they get a small percentage, 1%, 10%, or 20% of what they wanted at the end of the day, they get what they wanted. 

Because they worked for it. 

Meanwhile, those Republicans that keep claiming the left are lazy, are ineffective and lazy themselves. When you ask many of them to come to a rally or to do something/anything to help out, or to even support their local candidates run for office you get low energy. 


In certain key areas, you’ll get no volunteers. You’ll get nobody coming to GOP meetings. You’ll get low turnout; you’ll get nobody involved, but you’ll get lots of excuses though.  

  1. I’ve got my family to raise.  
  2. I’ve got my job to go do.  
  3. I can’t do that kind of stuff.  
  4. That’s not what the Republicans do. 

Too many Republicans refuse to work for what they have or want. They do not understand our government or how it even works. They will put all their faith in one individual. Although he’s a great individual, that’s just not how our government is set up. That’s why we have the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and the executive branch. Then you have your local government, which many underestimate affects you more than anything else does.  

It’s up to you to take action in your local government to ensure that we are keeping our Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Alive. It is a constant battle because the left never relents, they never give up, and neither should we. 

Our Constitution is a great document, but it has to be protected. We have to remember our veterans who died on that hill to protect that Constitution. Even though sometimes our veterans have been in wars that really have nothing to do with us, at the same time we have protected our strength and our validity on this great Earth. 

For that, we have to learn and we have to fight. We need to never give up, never surrender, and never give up ground. Sometimes that means we might actually have to do what the left does, and that means to fight and that’s what people need to do. 

It’s very irritating that people will blame Donald Trump for not being able to get everything accomplished in his 4 years. While not understanding that our efforts and our inactions, and our laziness, and unwillingness to work hard like the left does greatly affects our lives. 

Just look at where we are now, our inaction has got us all with no control of the House, the Senate, and the President! The whole nation seems to have gone left, and it is a clown world. 

Yet, so many people bitch and moan about how things are bad. So don’t you think that NOW is the time to #GoRight and work for it!? 

Do you want change? 

Third parties don’t work. You instead need to become a part bigger part of your party. Change the party you’re in. Make it better. Make it full of people who will work. Get the youth. Get the diversity. Quit standing back and allowing yourself to doubt other people coming into the party because honestly, it’s not working the way it’s been working now. 

It’s time for action. It’s time for diversity and inclusion politics. It is time to include people who are willing to work with you and who are willing to work hard. 

It is time to recognize some of the old ways don’t work anymore, nor did a lot of them even work, to begin with. There’s a lot of people on the right who have different viewpoints, and there is a large spectrum of the people on the right, but we have to fight extremism together. We have to include people that are willing to work hard, and we have to grow together. At the end of the day, we have to make sure America is conserved as that is how we can prosper and grow. We have to continue our call for Unity, but work hard against those who will destroy this nation. 

We have to fight. 

Are you willing to fight? 


Are You Willing To #GoRight and Work For Change and To Conserve or Great America?

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