Systemic Generalization of Communities Is a DANGER to Our Liberties

Written by on July 9, 2021

Systemic Generalization of Communities Is a DANGER to Our Liberties

Meghan Reckling Does Not Represent Trump or Republicans The Chairman of the Livingston County GOP is objecting to a DRAG BINGO event because it is pro-LGBT.

This is NOT an event that is one political party or another yet Meghan has assumed this.
She said that an event that is 21 and UP and an After Hours event is somehow destroying the “Family Friendly” atmosphere of The Howell Melon Fest.

Reckling is now facing a divide inĀ the Republican party, as many are coming forward stating that her statements are NOT in tune with the ideals of TRUMP nor the Big Tent that Republicans have now embraced.

In fact, by her placing an identity on individuals that might be involved in such an event and painting an incorrect generalization of those same people she is, in fact, working against the liberty and justice, and equal rights that the Republican party has always worked for.

Right Leaning Gay Organizations like Gays For Trump, Log Cabin Republicans, Triad Patriots, and Gay Conservatives of America have spent a long time trying to establish that the Republican Party/Right is a safe place for LGBT Americans to support and join because they believe in the rights of All Americans.

Meghan Reckling is undermining these efforts and unfortunately, there are still many small-minded individuals out there that feel and will continue to discriminate against others based on a bigoted viewpoint and stereotyped generalization of the gay community that comes from being uninformed and just plain ignorant.

There is now a hearing that is going to go on brought on by the ones that support Reckling’s ignorance to try to shut down the DRAG BINGO event. The unfortunate problem this presents is that those on the left in the LGBT Community will be given ammo to continue to paint the whole Republican community as being against the Gay Community. Which is just completing the vicious circle of generalization and bigotry from both sides of the political fence.

When Right Leaning Gay Organizations and activists see these types of injustices towards the Gay Community they will stand up for what is right and correct people’s misconceptions of a whole community. They will not let anti-LGBT propaganda and certain bad seeds in the LGBT Community generalize the whole community. Nor will these organizations allow the Left-Leaning gays to continue to spread the misconnections about the Republican party as a whole.

Generalization has NEVER been OK when it comes to Blacks, Latinos, Women, Men, and others and it should NEVER be OK when it comes to the Gay Community.

It is time to break the circle of systemic generalization of certain Americans.

Source: via #GayRightNews

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