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The New York Times [boy, do they regret doing this] put together a focus group made up of 14 independent voters – all of which voted for both Obama and Trump. And they asked the voters a series of questions about the current state of politics. Here’s what they found

1. Life in America today When the participants were asked to describe life in America today, they responded by saying, “Divided,” “Dismal,” “Disappointment,” “Indescribable,” “New normal,” “Burned out,” “Stressful,” and “Lost.”

2. Describe Biden When asked to describe Biden, the independents said, “Complete disaster,” “Puppet,” “Detached,” “Clueless,” “Pathetic,” “Incoherent,” “Out of touch,” “Functional adult,” “Just calmness.”

When asked for further thoughts, one independent said Biden was too much of a “nice guy,” while another said she had “questions about his mental health.”

When asked about whether Biden could do better in his second year, one person said, “You can’t really do much worse.”

3. Exceeding expectations When asked if anyone thought that Biden had “exceeded” their “expectations,” no one raised their hands.

4. Congress 8 of the 14 said they wanted Republicans in control of Congress while only 5 said that they wanted Democrats in charge.

One person said they wanted to send a message with their vote that Democrats were “nuts at the moment.

5. Covid 11 of the 14 independents said that they did not think Biden could get the pandemic under control, while only two said they thought he could.

6. Inflation When asked how many were “confident that President Biden and the Democrats have a plan to improve the economy, to deal with inflation,” no one raised their hands.

7. Crime 12 of the 14 independents raised their hands when asked if they thought “the level of crime is up in America today, versus a year ago.”

8. Dr. Fauci The majority of the independents had a negative view, 8 of 14, of Dr. Anthony Fauci, while only 5 had positive views.

These results are in line with the recent left-leaning Quinnipiac poll that found Biden’s approval rating at 33% among all voters and 25% among independent voters.

[Source New York Times via Daily Wire]

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