Special Tax District For Disney REVOKED

Written by on April 21, 2022

Special Tax District For Disney REVOKED – GoRightNews Power News

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

? Biden’s last press conference was 71 days ago


? Biden is considering removing sanctions on 80k Iranian militants


? 23 people on the terror watch list came across the border in 2021


? Bernie Sanders is considering another presidential run in 2024


Sources: RNC, Washington Free Beacon, Fox News, Washington Post


? Moderna plans to submit an application for emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine among babies between the ages of 6 months to five years by the end of the month. [Yahoo News]


✅ The Florida Senate passed a bill that would eliminate a special tax district that allows Disney to govern the land where its theme parks sit, as lawmakers target the company for opposing legislation restricting classroom instruction on gender and sexuality. The Florida House will likely vote to approve the measure today. [WSJ]


❎ The CDC is asking the Department of Justice to proceed with its appeal of a ruling issued by a Florida judge on Monday which tossed out the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation passengers. [Fox News] Both agencies are run by the Biden regime, so don’t get it twisted: this is a Biden decision.


? Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, will pay $400,000 in damages and attorney fees after punishing a professor who refused to refer to a male student as a female. The settlement comes after a judge previously ruled that the university’s treatment of professor Nick Meriwether violated his First Amendment rights. [Breitbart]


⚾️ The Capitol Police temporarily evacuated the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday evening over a “probable threat” that turned out to be a plane carrying members of the U.S. Army Golden Knights to parachute into a Washington Nationals game. [Daily Wire]


? Russian and Ukrainian forces duked it out on Wednesday along Ukraine’s eastern front, trading fire as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soldiers tried to penetrate defensive lines in multiple places along the 300-mile stretch using missiles, artillery, and warplanes to conduct more than 1,000 strikes. [Washington Examiner]


? Wimbledon, the world’s oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament, will ban players from Russia and Belarus from competing there this summer in the sports world’s latest response to the invasion of Ukraine. [WSJ]


? Moderna announced it is designing another covid-19 booster shot for release this fall. The new booster modifies their original vaccine to offer protection against the omicron variant. [via AP] They’re never going to stop pushing more covid jabs.


? Spotify has reportedly “declined to make an offer” to renew the Obamas exclusive podcast contract, which began in 2019. Spotify was frustrated that the Obamas didn’t often appear in the podcasts they produce. And the Obamas wanted to be able to release their podcast on all platforms. [via Fox News]


? The Russian military said it successfully performed the first test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, a weapon President Vladimir Putin said would make the West “think twice” before harboring any aggressive intentions against Russia. [ABC News]


? Here is footage of the Russian ICBM being launched.


Russias latest ICBM can carry up to 10 heavy nuclear warheads on hypersonic glide vehicles. Impossible to intercept. Each one of these can wipe out millions of people and reach any target globally.


The US playing war games with Russia is maximum stupidity.



? Former Bush advisor and current MSNBC contributor, Matthew Dowd says that if Jesus Christ were still living, people might call him a “groomer.”


BREAKING: Chief Bush-Cheney advisor: “If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would be called a groomer”



? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got LIT UP by a reporter who called her out for lies and ineptitude.


Lori Lightfoot Gets Absolutely OBLITERATED By Reporter


She’s a terrible mayor.





? Watch as Biden’s staff screams at reporters to leave while Biden sits smirking, ignoring questions.


Biden’s staff screams at reporters to leave


Biden’s Staff Screams At Reporters To Leave While Biden Ignores Questions





? Joe Rogan talks about how CRINGE and strange it was to see Stephen Colbert push so much vaccine propaganda on his show over the last two years.


Joe Rogan: Stephen Colbert Pushing COVID Vaccine Is So Strange


Joe Rogan: “The vaccine songs! That was strange. I wanna be in the meeting where they pitch that.”





? Five black teenage girls chased down, beat, and stomped a white woman in Boston for having her hair braided, call her a “white b*tch with braids” and told her she could not wear her hair in the style because she was “not Black.” [Boston 25 News] If the races were reversed, this would be a national news story.


WCVB has published video of the Boston woman being beaten to the ground by a group of black youths. The youths accused her of being a “white bitch with braids” who appropriated a black hairstyle. She was taken to hospital.


Read the shocking police report:




? LMAO Rudy Giuliani sings “Bad to the Bone” on The Masked Singer. And watch one of the hosts, Ken Jeong get triggered and walk off.


Rudy Giuliani sings “Bad to the Bone” on Masked Singer as host @kenjeong leaves saying, “I’m done.”




? Jen Psaki explicitly says teachers SHOULD talk to kindergarteners about gender identity. She also claims the problem doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, why is she so mad about Florida’s law prohibiting something that doesn’t exist anyway?


JEN PSAKI: Teachers should talk with kindergarteners about if they’re “a girl or a boy.”



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