NC House Republicans vote against same-sex and interracial marriage as bill passes Congress

Written by on December 10, 2022

NC House Republicans vote against same-sex and interracial marriage as bill passes Congress

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Honestly Republicans Need To Start Separating Their Personal Religion from Their Politics. Our Constitution gives us equal rights and protections. Time to realize this!

NC House Republicans vote against same-sex, interracial marriage as bill passes Congress.

First off I like Ted Budd and voted for him but I’m disappointed. Also Tom Tillis is NOT a RINO because he helped get this bill passed, that is unless you are trying to state that Republicans are supposed to throw out our Constitution if it conflicts with their personal religious beliefs.


As I have said before, when you are elected you are elected to represent ALL people in your area. You still have the right to your freedom of religion on a personal level but if those beliefs drastically affect the way you do your duties then that’s an issue.


Republicans must understand that if they are to survive the future they need to stop this ongoing battle pitting religion vs LGBTQ. Yes, I can agree that some of the things that individuals that are LGBTQ have been extreme, but the same could be said for some in their religious capacities.


The Republican party should be a party of inclusivity and understanding of different cultures, sexuality, race, etc and concentrate on being more Constitutional conservatives than being social conservatives because take the clues from the last elections: it’s killing the party.


Donald Trump is Pro LGBTQ, he also recognizes what’s needed in the party to survive. He was credited on breaking the majority power the evangelical wing of the right hand on the Republican party. Our party became the party of the big tent for all, but it seems that those of the ultra religious right didn’t like this and have been working against Trump.


I personally have noticed the rise of homophobic behavior in the Republican party, the blame is loosely placed on the pockets of far left extreme behaviors of some of the LGBTQ with Drag Shows and Transgenders being at the pit of these issues. Ultimately though these become excuses for giving a platform to far right extremism.


This is why so many are fed up with both parties and in states like North Carolina the unaffiliated voters rates are rising as they #WalkAway from both parties extremist behaviors.


Ultimately if the Republican party is to survive it cannot let one wing of the party dictate our party. Unfortunately the religious rights lobby is large though so their influence causes these conflits, and as a openly gay Republican it is infuriating to still see my rights trampled on by members of my own party, especially by those I still respect as representatives.


North Carolina’s newly elected senator, Ted Budd, voted against protecting same-sex and interracial marriages under federal law.


Budd, 51, of Davie County, voted with the majority of House Republicans against the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill that would legally protect these unions. But his vote didn’t stop the bill from moving to the president’s desk after the House voted 258 to 169 to pass the bill.


Budd currently represents North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District in the U.S. House. But Budd’s vote is significant because of the small number of Republicans who worked with Democrats in the Senate — where Budd will hold a seat beginning in January — to pass the bill.


This marks the second time Budd voted against the bill. The House passed the Respect for Marriage Act 267-157 in July, with 47 Republicans voting with Democrats. None were from North Carolina.


Cheers rang out from Democrats on the House floor and in the gallery above both parties as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the bill’s adoption.


Note: what’s sad is this shouldn’t be a Democrat vs Republican issue as many of these social issues are human rights issues and never should be viewed as partisan.


North Carolina’s House delegation voted along party lines again with it’s eight Republicans voting against the bill and its five Democrats voted in favor of it. “History made,” tweeted Rep. Deborah Ross, a Democrat representing Wake County.


“Today, we worked across party lines to reject hate and protect marriage equality across the country. We are stronger as a nation when every American is free to marry the person they love.”


The bill went to the Senate and would have gone to the president following final passage, but senators added an amendment with protections for religious institutions and safeguards against polygamous unions.


Currently, the Senate is evenly divided between the two parties. Ten Republicans needed to vote with Democrats to advance the bill. Democrats pushed to protect same-sex marriages under federal law following a decision in June by the U.S. Supreme Court that overturned a landmark decision that protected a person’s right to an abortion.


Justice Clarence Thomas wrote separately that the country’s highest court should reconsider rulings involving access to contraception, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage.


Sen. Thom Tillis, another Republican from North Carolina, shocked his constituents when he worked with Democrats to advocate for the bill’s passage and helped create an amendment the House.


From the beginning, Tillis advocated and supported the bill. Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican who Budd will replace next session, did not address his plans in advance of the vote, but he supported it. Twelve Republicans voted last week alongside Democrats to advance it.


“This bipartisan legislation is a good compromise that provides permanent certainty for same-sex couples while ensuring robust protections for churches and religious organizations, protections that are more robust and expansive than what currently exists in federal law,” Tillis said in a written statement when the amendment was first introduced. The amendment forced the bill back into the House for final approval before it heads to Biden.


Biden is expected to sign the Respect for Marriage Act into law quickly.



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