Cancel Culture Is Erasing Your Rights to Life Liberty and Happiness

Written by on March 4, 2021

Cancel Culture Is Erasing Your Rights to Life Liberty and Happiness
Written by: Peter Boykin

Peter Boykin has had a hard time finding a job in his field for 5 years now (being fired multiple times due to his political stances), his friends Jack Burke and now Ryan aka Lady Maga have been fired from their careers. With all this cancel culture going on how can someone live?

This quite literally is a way the left approaches things, they want people to be afraid to speak up. If anything early Jan was just an indication of more of the same, we can do it (left) but you cannot if you are right-wing.

It is sad and ironic that a “side” that preaches anti-hate and anti-discrimination, peace and love, and against fascism and dictatorships pretty much practices all they apparently think the right is doing.

We all know it, this is a double standard, just how do we cope?

One thing is we have to play smart, we have to understand that we are NOT going to get the same treatment from the left that they give to each other, and we have to work within these known parameters and there are ways we can turn their rules against them.

Marjorie Taylor Greene just did… she was forced out of all these Congressional committees but instead of giving up she learned the rules of the house and has been fighting for the right. If they will not let her in committees she has learned to watch the floor like a hawk shutting down the left as they try to sneak in their tricks while others on the right are not looking. For this, she is a LEGEND.

The Founders of this nation thought that being a Congressman meant someone who was from the common folk the citizens would elect someone to represent them for a small amount of time. Then that person would return back to their normal life. We all know that is not possible. Once you speak up and declare that you have a free-thinking independent mind your private life is over. You are now dedicated to politics, and you will NEVER be able to hold a regular job again.

What is funny is all the talk of “term limits” “career politicians” “politicians getting rich” “politicians turning into lobbyists” which is all thrown in a negative light. But, let me ask you this would you expect a famous singer, actor, athlete to return to a “normal job” … No? Well, how do you expect a politician to do so?

We live in a clown world, you might as well learn to honk the horn a few times. This is a battle for our lives, and our country. Many of us need to take it seriously. Though many of us need to understand just what we are getting into. Once we step our toe into the waters of activism and politics your life changes forever. Just Ask Trump.

For those that can remain anonymous to retain “normal” lives, we ask you to find ways to work behind the scenes, and to donate and help out others who are in the heat lamp. We need to learn our priorities on who to attack and much of this inner conflict has to STOP. We have much work to do and it NEVER stops.

So do you want to win and keep winning? Do you want to Make America Great and Keep it Great? Do you Want to Put America First and Keep it First?

Well, you have to #GoRight and WORK FOR IT!

via #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin



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